Summer Bourbon Beauty

If you’re a homeowner like me, fresh mint has taken over your garden and your life. Desperate measures must be taken, and there’s only so many mojitos a vintage gal can handle. Luckily there’s a better remedy, with a payoff that’s fresh, sustainable, and absolutely delicious.

Bourbon Beauty

Clip, rinse, and place 3-4 branches of fresh mint in a bottle of bourbon. I prefer Bulleit; but other great options are Woodford Reserve, Elijah Craig, or Evan Williams. Use Jack if you have to, although we all know you graduated from that crap ten years ago. But seriously, stuff as much mint into that bottle as you can. Pour and shoot an ounce or two if you have to. Place your concoction in the fridge and let it soak for 3-14 days. Some say it’s best to keep from one summer to the following Derby Day. Personally I don’t have the patience, but to each her own.

Mix 2 oz mint infused bourbon with 2 oz sweet tea and 1 oz lemonade. Mix well, then top with 1 oz of NA ginger beer and garnish with a lemon wedge and a mint leaf.

This Vintage B take on the classic Mint Julep is a must try. Cheers!