Catching Up

I’m not quite sure where to start. So much has happened since my last post. Here are some highlights, in chronological order: I adopted and fell in love with a dog. This wonderful creature had two surgeries and close to twenty rehab visits in her first year with us. More on this later. I got a promotion. With this well-earned feat came a transfer to a location nearly thirty miles from home. Not surprisingly, I bought a new, more fuel efficient vehicle. I grew hundreds of tomatoes, cukes, and peppers in my organic garden paradise. I grew my cute little pixie haircut out and as a result wear my hair in a ponytail most days. My beloved Blackhawks won another Cup. I watched the entire series of The West Wing, Game of Thrones, and Sons of Anarchy. My husband got a fantastic new job. I hosted Thanksgiving. It snowed 56 inches so far this winter.
Other interesting events since my last post:

Michael Phelps won four more gold medals.
Barack Obama was elected to a second term in office.
The Cubs won the World Series. Kidding. Just want to see if you’re paying attention.
Lance Armstrong was stripped of his Tour de France titles.
Disney bought Star Wars.
The Catholic Church welcomed its 266th Pope.
Adele won about sixty Grammys.
Derrick Rose had a horrific season-ending knee injury, a comeback, and another season-ending knee injury.
DOMA was ruled unconstitutional and several states ratified same sex marriage.
Colorado legalized recreational marijuana.
“Gangnam Style” became the first video to get one billion views on YouTube.
All these things contributed, some more than others, to the dormancy on this site. For this, and for my procrastination and laziness, I wholeheartedly apologize.
However. The most notable and biggest change in my life is that I lost thirty pounds and became a fairly serious runner. Last June I completed my first half marathon, followed by my second in October, and am now training for my first full marathon. Dieting made a serious dent on on my alcohol consumption; and since it’s tough to exercise when dehydrated, I had to swap electrolyte beverages for wine most days. No tasting notes on Gatorade will follow, but there will likely be a few healthy recipes and weight loss tips on this site now and then.
The good news is, I’ve tasted hundreds of wines during my blogging hiatus. I look forward to sharing many of them with you; but for now, rest assured my long slumber has ended, and I will be more active in the future.