Dear Customer Part 11

Dear Customer,

Do not send the cheapest, least knowledgeable person you know to shop for wine for your dinner or party.  If you do, I will assume you don’t give a shit what you’re drinking and send your friend off with shitty pinot grigio and cheap pinot noir.

If you want good wine, come shopping yourself.

The Spoils of Victory

Recently I hosted a California Wine Tasting.  It was a great success.  When I got home, full of pride and with a box full of leftovers, Jeff said “Are those the spoils of victory?”

Here are some of the highlights:

California Wine Tasting

Dear Distributor Part 1

Dear Distributor,

If you haven’t called on me in eight months, you are very bad at your job.  Do not be surprised when I don’t invite you to participate in an event I organized a month ago with reps who actually call on me regularly.  You clearly aren’t worth my time.  I don’t want to taste your wines, I don’t want to sell them, I don’t want to make you money.  Get out of my store.