More Deliciousness from Belgium

Here’s a couple more winners from what has become my favorite brewery in the world: DeGlazen Toren.

The first one is their Saison D’erpe Mere.  It’s a Belgian farmhouse ale that I thoroughly enjoyed with friends and some German potato pancakes at The Bavarian Lodge.  The ale was a vibrant golden with a nice foamy white head.  It was complex and creamy, but not rich.  I found it slightly floral, with spicy, lemony hops and a delightful, dry and zesty finish. Some reviewers of this Saison complain about the over-abundance of carbonation, but that’s what I expect in this style of beer.  I thought it was simply outstanding.

I also sampled their dubbel, Cuvée Angelique.  I don’t always love this style– I usually find them a touch too dark– but Angelique won me over in one sniff.  It smelled of caramel, molasses, figs and sweet malt.  It was a sort of burnt caramel color with a brownish, reddish head.  In an instant the first sweet sip coated my whole mouth and lasted for what felt like ages.  It was medium bodied, with flavors of baking spice, dark fruits and something almost indescribably Christmassy.  I look forward to enjoying this beer following a holiday dinner or by the fire on a cool autumn evening.

All in all, two more absolute stunners from DeGlazen Toren.  Cheers!