Bordeaux Futures

I admit it: I did it.  I gave into the hype.  I bought some 2009 Bordeaux futures.  But I’m not like the zillion other people that are pre-buying these wines.  Many people do it for speculation.  Yuck.  I’m going to keep mine and enjoy them.  In, say, 2025.  Sigh.

Because I am very partial to Right Bank wines, I opted for some St Emilions to hold and savor and a Côtes du Castillon for more immediate consumption.  Here’s what I ordered:

  • Cap de Faugeres
  • Chateau Fombrage
  • Fleur Cardinale
  • Chateau Pavie-Macquin
  • Pagodes de Cos

I’m excited.  This is my maiden voyage into the vast world of buying futures.  I like to think I didn’t get too carried away.  But only time, and lots of it, will tell.