Victory Indeed

A little while back I posted about my beloved Chicago Blackhawks and their quest for the Cup.  On Wednesday, June 9th, Patrick Kane shot the winning goal past big loser goalie Michael Leighton and secured the team’s place in history.  Watch the chaotic but exhilarating ending:

Way to go champs! So, as promised, I finally explored a Philly brewery to honor the Hawks’ win over the hateful Chris Pronger and the Flyers.

Victory Brewing is technically set up in Downingtown, PA, about thirty miles west of Philadelphia.  It is these fine craftsmen that are behind the wildly popular massive brews Hop Devil and Storm King.  But since I’m a lager and witbeer kind of gal, I took home the lighter Prima Pils, Golden Monkey, and Whirlwind Wit.

Prima Pils

I took home a sixer of the Prima Pils after a very long and trying day at work.  One of my colleagues recommended it for me, stating it was “probably the best pilsner in the store.” Maybe so, but this one wasn’t for me.  I wanted something I could pop the second I walked in the door and chug in thirteen seconds flat.  Sadly, I found the bitter German hops way too harsh.  Generally, I like a more fruity, citrusy, thirst quenching kind of beer.  Still, I can see what people like about this brew: It’s light but not watery, refreshing but not mindless.  I think this is a nice beer for people who want a lot of character but not a lot of body.  And it was a great introduction to a serious brewery.

Whirlwind Wit

Next up was the Whirlwind Wit, which is definitely my kind of beer, especially in the summer.  It’s light and refreshing with a fair amount of citrusy hops.  I can’t say it’s my favorite of this style; there isn’t a lot of depth and it falls just a little flat toward the end.  It’s an enjoyable bottle of beer and Blue Moon loyalists should certainly check it out.  But in the end, where the Prima was too strong, the Whirlwind was a little too dull; and I usually want something right in the middle.

Golden Monkey

The Golden Monkey might just fit the bill.  This is Victory’s delicious Belgian style golden ale.  While still considered a lighter beer, its dense, malty complexity give this ale a ton of personality. I found it frothy and fruity and deliciously spicy, with a little richness and a soft, refreshing hoppy finish.  The Monkey is probably my favorite of the brews I tried, although I’m looking forward to the imminent release of Victory’s summer seasonal Sunrise Weissbier.  This should be right up my alley.

Philadelphia, your sports fans leave a lot to be desired.  These are the jerks that pelted Santa with snowballs and worse yet, booed our precious Jonathan Toews when he won the Smythe trophy.  Shame on you.  But your beers are solid.  I look forward to enjoying another Victory brew soon, and will definitely give your fall seasonal a shout out on November 28th when the Bears meet the Eagles.