Rosé Part Deux

Hogwash Rosé

In April I posted about the wonderful world of dry rosé. Since then I have tasted quite a few 2009’s and am pleased to report on the overall success of this crop of salmon colored delights.  Here are my favorites this year:

  • Hogwash: This is 100% grenache from Napa, made by Andy Beckstoffer.  Really juicy and fresh with gobs of ripe berries and hints of peach and tangerine.  Absolutely delicious!
  • Elk Cove: Made from pinot noir from Willamette Valley in Oregon.  Very light and delicate, almost dull, until the mid-palate and finish.  Zesty and fresh but not particularly robust.
  • Chono: Organically farmed syrah grapes make up this tasty little number from Chilé.  It’s a more supple and jammy style, with lots of raspberry notes and a little spice on the finish.
  • Mourgues du Gres La Galets: From Costieres de Nimes in the Rhone Valley, this is a tad more flowery than I typically like.  But the rose petals mingle very nicely with the fresh berry and melon flavors.
  • Gustave Lorentz: A rare treat from Alsace made from pinot noir, this one is certainly one of the biggest hits this year.  It is focused and elegant, with all the components in balance– red berries, rose petal, fresh orange zest, and white peach fuzz.  Everything just sings beautifully.