Some Dude Named Stanley

Let's go Hawks!

For me, wine and professional sports just don’t mix.  When I hang out at Wrigley, it’s all Old Style all day.  During football season I’m a total beer fanatic, though sometimes an occasional glass of sparkler carries over from brunch.  And this month? I’ve had to find something awesome to drink while cheering on our Chicago Blackhawks as they play for their first Stanley Cup since 1961.

Last night for Game 1, while the main attraction was chilling down, I enjoyed a bottle of Unibroue’s Blanche de Chambly.  This is my favorite style of beer and this one is still one of the best I’ve had.  Fresh, citrusy, spicy and delish.  Unibroue is just a damn good brewery. Perhaps its only flaw is its Canadian origins.  With that in mind, I triumphantly devoured it as I reminisced about our victory over Vancouver.

Then I popped open a treat from Brouwerij De Glazen Toren, a newish but fantastic Belgian brewery.  Their Jan de Lichte is made in the same style as the former, but is much thicker and… I don’t know… European flavored.  I think it’s the hops they use.  To be perfectly honest, I really don’t know much about crafting beer, and I don’t really care.  I just know I like it.  The only negative about this brew is I can only buy it in a 750ml bottle.  It’s only the equivalent of only a few beers, but it creates a couple disadvantages.  First, by the bottom I feel it loses some of the freshness.  Also, since this beer is also extremely frothy, and since I don’t have the proper tulip glass, I end up with two inches of foam every time.  Boo! In short, it’s still tasty, but I’d rather have it from the tap as I first discovered it at the nearby Bavarian Lodge.

Things are crazy here in Chi-town.  The last time this city was united like this was when the Bears won in 1985.  Everywhere you look folks are wearing red and black.  Every Target, Walgreens, Sports Authority, grocery store, and gas station is peddling Blackhawk’s gear.  The statue of  MJ is decorated in a Hawks sweater and helmet.  Strangers are actually smiling at each other.  Even the Sports Guy gave us his blessing. It’s all pretty f’ing exciting.  So I guess I should be raising a glass of some great local brew, from which there are plenty to choose.  Maybe for tomorrow’s game I’ll pick up a six pack of Goose Island or Two Brothers or the newer Metropolitan Brewing.

And next week, when the Hawks win it all, I will find and eagerly demolish a great beer from Philly to celebrate.

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