Four Vines 2008 “Biker” Zinfandel

Four Vines Biker

My husband loves the Matrix trilogy.  Me, not so much.   Partly because I just don’t care all that much for sci-fi.  (Don’t quote me on that later when I will inevitably reference Star Wars.) But mostly I dislike The Matrix because every time Keanu Reeves comes on the screen I want to punch something.   And every time I cringe , Jeff says “You only hate him for that one line.”


And honestly, he’s right.  I hate that line.  I hate that moment.  And I positively hate Keanu Reeves for it.  Heck, I hate Carrie Ann Moss just by association.  But the delivery of that line is the only thing I can think of when I taste this powerhouse zinfandel.

Four Vines makes some killer wines.  I’ve tasted lots of their stuff in the past, including some of their smaller production wines.  They make some cool Rhône style blends, great syrah and petite, and do funky things with tempranillo.  They make an unoaked chard that is quite nice for only about $12.  But I love Four Vines, as do most people, for their dynamic, full throttle zinfandels.  The 2008 Biker from Paso Robles is certainly no exception.  At about $22 it’s a tad more than I spend on the average bottle, but I splurged a little on this one.  (It’s worth it; but if you don’t want to spend as much but want to check out Four Vines pick up their Old Vine Cuvée for about $14.)  Anyway, the Biker is intense, flashy, spicy and just plain sexy.  My first reaction (after the “whoa”) was “Holy shit, it’s pure clove juice.”  As usual, this zin is definitely spice driven, but I assure you, after a little coaxing, the fruit comes out to play.  Loads of blackberry and brambly raspberry with just a hint of thick and luxurious cassis.  Then the spices come back into the picture, thanks to a splash of mouvedre in the mix.  The clove is still dominant but there’s bursts of cinnamon and allspice, with a little vanilla and cedar on the long, long, sinful finish.

I had this with take-out barbecue ribs and french fries after an excruciatingly long work week.  And though I’m fairly sure extreme fatigue gives any wine or beer an advantage, in this case, it’s all thanks to another solid offering from Four Vines.  It’s never around for long, so grab some before it’s gone.